14-day money back guarantee


Foodmatters is a company based in Singapore and Malaysia, with an office, kitchen and a dedicated team in both countries.


Definitely! As long as you have their details, you may sign up and buy your friend a Foodmatters subscription!

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your subscription, email our customer service here

Can I purchase singular meals?

At this point in time customers may not purchase single items off the Foodmatters menu. A monthly subscription is required to enjoy this service.

Why do I have to subscribe to use your service?

Our meals are designed to work best when incorporated into a consistent diet. As such, we want our customers to feel the maximum results of our programme and this cannot be achieved without some level of regularity.

Is the payment safe / secure?

All online payments made on go through the service provider Paypal, similar to other large international online stores.

What happens to my meal if I am unable to be present to collect it on any given day?

Once you have subscribed to our service, there are a number of ways to select / cancel your meals on to go. Use the members’ log in on our website and/or our mobile app (available here) to access your personal meal planner so you can plan your meals in advance and avoid missing out on your daily meal delivery.

Meals can be cancelled one day in advance, before 1pm. Cancelled meals will then be credited back to your current month's quota, which you will then be free to reallocate to any other available date that month. Unconsumed meals (i.e. meals left unallocated on the calendar) will remain in your account.

If I cancel my subscription in the middle of the month, will I get a refund?

Unfortunately no. We do not normally refund consumers for the remaining meals they are supposed to get for the month. Should you feel that you deserve a refund, please contact our customer support at +(65) 8798 4945 or email us at within 2 months of your transaction. You may continue to use up your remaining credits after you terminate your subscription.

Does my Foodmatters Subscription auto-renew?

Yes. Your Foodmatters service is set to auto-renew every month once you set up a plan with us. Sign up once and enjoy your meals daily, hassle free!

What is the minimum plan?

Our minimum delivery is 4 meals a month, however the more meals you order per month, the less you pay for each meal!

When will my card be charged?

Your subscription fee will be charged on the day you sign up and on the same day thereafter in the following month. You will not need to key in your card details again as your Foodmatters subscription will auto-renew.

Are there membership or delivery fees?

There are no membership fees or delivery fees, you just pay for your meals!

How far ahead do I have to pay?

You only pay for the current month’s worth of Foodmatters. Your card will be billed regularly on a monthly basis based on the plan you have selected.

Is there any referral incentive?

Yes! Refer a friend to get 2 free meals for the both of you in the following month.

What happens if I'm unable to finish my credits in a month?

It will be auto-rolled over into the next month.

When will my area be eligible for delivery?

There is no definite way of determining when your location will be included in our delivery network but we are constantly striving to expand said network to cover all areas in Singapore. However, if we do get a large number of orders from the same location, there is a high chance we will include that area in our delivery network.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is free! You just have to pay for your meals!

Does my meal have to be delivered to my office?

No. Your meal may be delivered to any location within our delivery network. For list of locations, view here.

Do you deliver breakfast and dinner?

Our service does not extend to breakfast and dinner at this point in time. If you are interested in finding out when we do, feel free to join our mailing list here!

Do you have a storefront?

Not at this point in time. If you are interested in finding out when we do, feel free to join our mailing list here!

Is there a self-collection option?

There is no self-collection option.

Delivery Timing

Our delivery timing is within 11am – 1pm.

Specific Timing

We will try our best to cater to our customers preferred delivery timing but we can't promise a specific timing.

What do I do after I register?

To sign in, click on the sign in/ register tab on the top right hand corner. Head on over to the Subscribe tab in the dashboard and choose your meal plan for the month!

What is the cutoff date to reschedule my meal or change my choice of meal?

This would be at 1pm 1 working days prior to the meal delivery. For all other meal orders not made via the online meal calendar, this will be 2 working days prior to meal delivery. This is to ensure that we maximize efficiency of our delivery process and curb wastages.

How do I skip a meal delivery?

Once you have subscribed to our service, sign in to your account to access your personal meal calendar. From there you will be able to plan your meal schedule for the month. It’s an interactive and easy process, try it here!

When does my first meal arrive?

After registering for our service, you can start planning when you want our meals to be delivered to you! If you subscribe to our service before 1pm, you can plan your next meal to be delivered to you in two working days. If you subscribe to our service after 1pm, you can plan for your meal to be delivered in three working days.

How often does the menu change?

We change the menu on a consistent basis. We have a team of chefs fine-tuning the dishes consistently.

How many vegetarian choices do you offer on a daily basis?

We only offer one vegetarian dish out of our six available daily dishes.

What time is my food prepared?

All meals are prepared in the morning of the delivery day to ensure freshness of each meal upon arrival.

How long are your ingredients stored before cooking?

We purchase and use most ingredients on the same day to ensure that each meal is fresh.

Will you offer additional options?

We are currently looking into that, so stay tuned!

What if I am allergic to certain food products?

Our meals do include nuts, eggs, seafood, dairy products etc.

Are your meals Halal?

No, our meals are not Halal but we do not have pork on our menu.

Can I customize my meals?

No. You may not as our meals are mass produced and we are unable to accomodate canges to each meal.

Will Foodmatters make me lose weight?

We cannot guarantee that eating Foodmatters daily will make you lose weight as there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when it comes to shedding the pounds. Each Foodmatters meal was planned by certified nutritionists and consists of the right balance of nutrients for your body without the unhealthy oils, excess sodium and trans fat commonly found in many staple dishes in Singapore and Malaysia.

Is Foodmatters similar to any popular diet programmes?

Foodmatters is not a diet programme. It is an online food delivery service that provides balanced meals to customers that’s good for their health. However, with over 40 meals on our menu, customers are encouraged to pick and choose their dishes based on their health goals, and integrate Foodmatters into their lifestyle.

How big are the portioning sizes?

We offer two different sizes normal, a portion enough for an adult & gym sized for about 30% more in portioning for those with a bigger appetite.

Is there a special package for large orders and/or catering?

Yes there is. Kindly contact our customer relations department at

What aout the 14 day money back guarantee?

Should you feel that our service is not suitable for you, you may write in to us. We are more than happy to provide a refund.